Issue brief: a profile of the uninsured in south carolina 1

Most South Carolinians have health insurance coverage of some kind.  However, based on census data released in December of 2013, 16.8% of South Carolinians are not insured, which is higher than the national average of 14.8%.  The South Carolina Institute of Medicine and Public Health’s issue brief, “A Profile of the Uninsured in South Carolina.” summarizes the data on the uninsured released from the American Community Survey (ACS) at the state, county and congressional district levels.

A lack of health insurance is shown to negatively impact the health of individuals.  Those without health insurance tend to be sicker and die at an earlier age than those who have health insurance.  The uninsured typically lack regular recommended health screenings and preventive services crucial in identifying and preventing chronic diseases.

The report also reviews changes to the insurance and health coverage environment in South Carolina.

Download a copy of  “Issue Brief: A Profile of the Uninsured in South Carolina.”