The Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity in the Bureau of Chronic Disease and Prevention of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) collaborated with IMPH to conduct an assessment of opportunities for improving nutrition and opportunities for physical activity in child care and early learning settings.  In support of this effort, IMPH convened stakeholders and performed qualitative research and a literature review to identify opportunities and barriers to improving access to healthy food and opportunities for physical activity in child care centers in South Carolina.

Based on this research, the stakeholder committee is finalizing a multi-year Action Plan for South Carolina modeled after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Spectrum of Opportunities for Obesity Prevention in Early Care and Education.  IMPH worked with the stakeholder committee and DHEC to develop a document outlining and presenting information relevant for the consideration of components of the Action Plan to include recommendations of the stakeholders.  IMPH also developed a policy brief outlining the benefits of using portable play equipment in the early learning environment to encourage increased physical activity levels for young children.

Link to policy brief:  The Role and Value of Portable Play Equipment in the Child Care Center

Please contact Maya Pack for more information on the Institute’s role in exploring opportunities for obesity prevention in early care and education.