Maya Pack speaks with Christina Lee Knauss from Columbia Regional Business Report

IMPH Executive Director Maya Pack spoke with Columbia Regional Business Report about the wellness challenges South Carolina has faced throughout her 15 years with the Institute.

Health chief: SC faces range of wellness challenges

South Carolina has changed dramatically in the past 15 years. The population has surged with an influx of retirees, people who moved to the state during the COVID-19 pandemic and workers following job opportunities, and the economy has also surged with an influx of new companies and industries broadening the state’s business landscape.

For the past 15 years, Maya Pack has witnessed those changes and what it means for the health of South Carolinians in her role as executive director of the South Carolina Institute of Medicine and Public Health, an independent nonprofit organization focused on collectively informing public policy to improve health and health care statewide. As she reflected on her 15th anniversary with IMPH, Pack took time to reflect on the state of public health in South Carolina and some major initiatives IMPH has pursued to improve the health landscape statewide.

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