Legislative Summit

On election years, IMPH convenes an intimate gathering of attendees including alumni of the Health Policy Fellows Program, legislative staff, government officials and members of the IMPH Board of Directors to converse with state and national experts discussing a specific health policy issue or concern, seeking collaborative, evidence-based solutions.


OCT. 2018 | Columbia, S.C.

Tomorrow’s Hope Innovative Approaches to School Mental Health Services

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School mental health services will be a legislative priority under school climate and safety for the 123rd Session of the South Carolina Legislature that started January 2019.
Systemic approaches to expand access to school mental health services for early identification and intervention to mitigate emotional and behavioral problems that impact a child’s ability to learn.
Summit Recommendations
  • Statewide consistency in screenings, behavioral supports, training and resources for school mental health services mandated by legislature
  • Take a cost-effective approach
  • Involve stakeholders
  • Build consensus

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