On June 28th, the de Beaumont Foundation and the Bipartisan Policy Center released a new report detailing the ways in which private businesses and health departments mutually benefit when they collaborate to improve community health. This report describes the characteristics of effective partnership and provides guidance and recommendations for health organizations and businesses that are ready to partner.

Dr. Adams, Surgeon General, emphasized the connections between healthy communities and healthy businesses. “We know communities shape health, and health is essential to prosperity,” he said. “It can be a virtuous cycle, and far too many communities, the cycle goes the other way. We don’t invest in health. Business suffers. Health suffers. And you have a downward spiral. Business and public health need to be interested in both, because you can’t have one without the other.”

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Good Health is Good Business, Full Report (PDF)

Surgeon General's Comments

Dr. Castrucci, CEO, de Beaumont Foundation's Comments