2021 health policy fellows program recap 1
Left to right: Maya Pack, MS, MPA, IMPH Executive Director; Joaquin Baca, MSPH, Sr. Health Equity Policy Analyst, American Medical Association; Hunter Sox, IMPH Legislative Initiatives Coordinator

The 2021 Health Policy Fellows Program brought together legislators for an updated, enhanced curriculum, which included a deep dive into South Carolina’s Medicaid program and evidence-based policies to address health equity in South Carolina.

Class 1: October 12, 2021 — Understanding Medicaid, Health Systems and Financing: Improving Return on Investment


  • Robert Kerr, Director, South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS)
  • Windsor Sherrill, Ph.D., MBA, MHA, Associate Vice President for Health Research, Clemson University; Chief Science Officer, Prisma Health – Upstate

This class helped participants better understand how the state’s Medicaid system works. The class included an overview of complex national and state level health care system structures and financing. Participants learned about and discussed changes that are occurring in our country as new philosophies emerge about how to pay for health care. Presenters also addressed health care as a unique industry that does not adhere to basic economic theory.

2021 health policy fellows program recap 3
Left to right: Windsor Westbrook Sherrill, PhD, MHA, MBA, Associate Vice President, Health Research, Clemson University, and IMPH board member; Maya Pack, MS, MPA, IMPH Executive Director
2021 health policy fellows program recap 5
SC DHHS Director Kerr shared perspectives on South Carolina’s Medicaid program

Class 2: October 27, 2021 — Determinants of Health Outcomes and Health Equity

Keynote: Joaquin Baca, MSPH, Sr. Policy Analyst, American Medical Association


  • Chynna Phillips, MSW, MPH, Research & Policy Director, Sisters of Charity Foundation of S.C.
  • Noreen O’Donnell, MSW, Program Director, Diabetes Free S.C.
  • Angel Bourdon, MHA, Innovation Manager, Health People Healthy Carolinas, S.C. Hospital Association

This class oriented participants to the health status of South Carolinians, social determinants of health and racial health inequities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants learned about and discussed the human and financial burden of poor health outcomes and innovative solutions being implemented in South Carolina and across the country.

2021 health policy fellows program recap 7

Class 3: November 9, 2021 — Moving Forward to Improve Health: Conversational Capacity

Speaker: Craig Weber, Founder, The Weber Consulting Group

During the third class, participants learned how to productively navigate polarizing issues using a practical framework for engaging in open, balanced and effective dialogue, including specific policy issues.

2021 health policy fellows program recap 9

Congratulations to the 2021 class of IMPH Health Policy Fellows!

2021 health policy fellows program recap 11
Left to right: Representatives Shedron Williams, Mark Smith, Chardale Murray, Raye Felder, Spencer Wetmore, Rosalyn Henderson-Myers, Sylleste Davis, Terry Alexander