NNPHI report “HIA Practice in the US, The Public Health Institute Model”

The National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI) has released the report “HIA Practice in the US, The Public Health Institute Model.”  This report was produced for health impact assessment (HIA) practitioners and those interested in HIA to share strategies for the institutionalization of HIA.

A HIA is a practical approach for collaboration between health and other sectors, translating public health research into predictions and informing strategies that policy makers can use to ensure that new public decisions contribute to healthier communities.  HIAs outline opportunities to maximize health gains, minimize adverse effects and improve health for everyone in the affected community.  The process views health from a broad perspective and addresses social determinants of health while predicting how proposed projects, plans, programs and environmental interventions – such as those related to housing, employment, transportation, education and incarceration – affect health outcomes and inequities.  IMPH conducted the first HIAs in South Carolina.

Reports published from IMPH’s HIA work include:  HIA of a Proposed “Road Diet” and Re-Striping Project on Daniel Morgan Avenue in Spartanburg, South Carolina and “A Report on the South Carolina Healthy Eating and Active Living Health Impact Assessment Capacity Building and Planning Project.”

Read the NNPHI report here.



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