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Goal: Provide essential information to the public in regard to consumer considerations and the impact of the various components of the health care legislation, highlighting why the legislation is important with the goal of helping people be better consumers of healthcare; communicate to the public the implementation efforts of each workgroup and those of the overall collaborative by engaging the media in raising awareness of the issues being addressed.

Chair: Frank Knapp, Small Business Chamber of Commerce

IMPH Staff: Megan Weis

MEDIA RESOURCE – Affordable Care Act Talking Points and Contacts


  • Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act

    The Supreme Court of the United States has upheld the Affordable Care Act. The individual mandate for Americans to buy health insurance has been ruled constitutional, though not under the power of Congress to regulate commerce between the states. A majority of justices ruled that the penalty an individual would pay if he or she refused to purchase insurance falls under the power of Congress to tax. The provision to expand Medicaid through connecting all Medicaid funding to states to the increase of eligibility to 133% of the Federal Poverty Level was not supported.
  • Advancing Health in South Carolina: A Summit of the ACA Implementation Initiative

    Ms. Sarah Thomas, Vice President, Public Policy & Communication at the National Committee for Quality Assurance, gave the Keynote presentation at the August 24, 2011 Advancing Health in South Carolina Summit of the ACA Implementation Initiative.
  • ACA Implementation Initiative on SCRN

    SCPHI Associate Director for Outreach and Program Development Megan Weis spoke to the South Carolina Radio Network regarding the Affordable Care Act Implementation Initiative. Read the story and listen to the audio.
  • New Healthcare Reform Initiatives Becoming Effective in 2011

    As South Carolina rings in the New Year, new healthcare initiatives from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are becoming effective in 2011. According to the Affordable Care Act Implementation Initiative, these changes will directly affect South Carolinians. A total of 21 provisions are scheduled to take effect.
  • Affordable Care Act Implementation Initiative Announces Media Resource and Contacts

    A resource for media professionals has been released by the Affordable Care Act Implementation Initiative (the Initiative) of South Carolina.


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