IMPH offers a diverse range of services supported by the comprehensive expertise of Institute staff and colleagues.  Our services include:

Convening Study Groups

Study groups are comprised of subject matter experts and intended to seek solutions to public health priorities through focused discussion and identify general consensus, if possible, on specific issues.

Conducting Health Impact Assessments

Health Impact Assessments (HIA) represent a combination of scientific procedures, methods and tools that systematically evaluate the potential, and sometimes unintended, effects of a program, plan, project or environmental intervention on the health of a population and the distribution of those effects within the population.

Additional information on past and current HIAs may be found on our HIA page.

Producing Issue Briefs and Reports

Issue briefs and reports are often produced as a result of secondary data analysis or generated by the work of various study groups.  These are nonpartisan reports intended to produce unbiased, educational information.

Examples may be found in the Publications section of our website.

Gathering and Integrating Evidence-Based Information

The process of gathering and integrating evidence-based information is an essential service, and is conducted as a part of much of the work performed by IMPH.  This service includes clearly defining the topic of interest, evaluating diverse resources, analyzing the available data and integrating information to inform effective public health practice.

Conducting Assessments and Evaluation

Assessments and evaluation are an important part of determining the scope of any needed public health intervention and measuring the success of programs and strategies that are implemented.

Administering Prevention Programs and Grants

Program and grant administration is a useful service for many organizations and is a current area of service development for IMPH.

Leading Coalitions

Leading coalitions is a vital approach to effective public health work.  IMPH serves as an informed, neutral convener around a variety of health issues and is well positioned to serve in a leadership position for coalitions that are germane to the IMPH mission.

Promoting Collaborative Opportunities in Health and Healthcare

Developing collaborative opportunities among various stakeholders is a vital approach to effective public health work.  IMPH serves to foster collaborations and forums around a variety of health issues in a neutral and non-discriminatory environment in order to generate knowledge sharing and identify best practices.

Providing Capacity-Building Assistance

The provision of capacity-building assistance to support public health initiatives and health-focused organizations is a vital service that includes peer mentoring to other institutes, collaborative participation on committees and boards, and fostering practice-based skills to improve both program and organizational efficiency.

Conducting Data Analysis and Translation

The analysis and translation of data is an essential element to improve health and healthcare in South Carolina.  Such activity involves compiling available data sets, conducting secondary analysis and translating that information in to key points for consideration by various constituencies.  IMPH provides this service through a variety of projects and grants focusing on a diverse set of health issues.

Please contact Megan Weis for more information.