R. Corey Remle, PhD

Program Manager

Dr. Remle has ten years of experience in the areas of gerontology and medical sociology. He was an Assistant Professor at Francis Marion University and a Visiting Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University where he taught classes in gerontology, health disparities and the health care system, and death and dying in social contexts. He was a member of the Long-Term Care Taskforce that produced the Creating Direction: A Guide for Improving Long-Term Care in South Carolina report. His most recent research project was a study of nurses’ and nursing students’ knowledge, experiences and beliefs regarding end-of-life care. Past research projects include a pilot of a hospital nurse mentoring program and a study of multigenerational family resources. In his role as Program Manager, Dr. Remle oversees the ongoing implementation and coordination of the Institute’s long-term care and behavioral health work, including coordination of the Long-Term Care Implementation Council, monitoring the progress towards the recommendations from the Creating Direction and Hope for Tomorrow: The Collective Approach for Transforming South Carolina’s Behavioral Health Systems reports and continued research to inform South Carolina policies in both areas.