New South Carolina Hospital Data Website

Together the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SC DHHS) and the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) have released a new tool allowing consumers to compare hospitals across the state.  This new website,, utilizes intuitive mapping, graphing and comparison tools to compare key measures of financial performance.

SCHA President Thornton Kirby states “as the new website clearly demonstrates, hospital profits vary from year to year.  Profitability is an important measure of each hospital’s financial health.  Our state’s hospital leaders believe that South Carolinians should have the information they need to understand the health care system and to make better decisions concerning their own health care.”

In 2013, Proviso 33.34 was passed by the South Carolina Legislature and includes transparency requirements fulfilled by the new website.  “This is an important step in the ongoing conversation about how we deliver and pay for care in our state and across the county, and how we can purchase the most health at the least cost,” stated SC DHHS Director Tony Keck.

This website features visualizations and statistical comparisons of the hospitals utilizing federal cost report data that is gathered by SC DHHS.  In addition, the website provides resources that provide insight into hospital operations such as Community Health Needs Assessments, an Affordable Care Act requirement of all non-profit hospitals.  Future developments of the website will include publishing of payment data for common hospital procedures and hospital quality data.  A complementary website, SCHealthViz, was recently launched to provide transparency in state Medicaid data.

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Article in The State newspaper: SC Website Makes Hospital Business Data Easy to Find


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