Report Published Looking at Public Health Funding and Key Health Facts

With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Trust for America’s Health developed an in-depth report looking state-by-state at public health funding and key health facts.  The purpose of this report is to provide the public, policymakers and diverse public health stakeholders with an objective, nonpartisan, independent analysis of public health funding policies.  Ideally the report will encourage greater transparency and accountability of the system.  Recommendations are included to insure the public health system meets today’s needs and works across boundaries to create a healthier environment for all.

Main findings of the report include:

  • Wide variation in health statistics by state.
  • Cuts in state and local funding.
  • Federal funding for public health has remained at a flat level for years.

Recommendations made by the report suggest:

  • Core funding for public health be increased at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Funding be considered strategically in order to maximize effectiveness in lowering disease rates and improving health.
  • The Prevention Fund to target modernization of the nation’s approach to public health.
  • The use of funds should be transparent and clearly communicated to the public.
  • All Americans should be protected by a set of foundational public health capabilities and services no matter where they live.

The report includes a series of tables detailing federal and state level funding in each individual state. A table on key health facts for adults and children is included highlighting the U.S. total, best and worst state for each measure.  The Centers for Disease Control funding per capita ranking for South Carolina is 20, and the Health Resources and Services Administration funding per capita is ranked 18.  Out of 50 states, South Carolina ranked 32 in per capita funding, determined by state budgets and appropriations bills for the agencies in charge of public health services.

Click here to access the full report: Investing in America’s Health.

Click here to access the Executive Summary.


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