Hospital Quality Guide Features SCale Down Initiative

The South Carolina Business Coalition on Health (SCBCH) featured the SCale Down Initiative in their 2015 publication of the Hospital Quality Guide. The guide is distributed to over 25,000 employers and employees via hard copy and electronic formats. The publication is intended to help people navigate the health care system through identifying safe, quality health care.  SCBCH publishes the data in order to:SCBCH_2015_hospital quality guide cover

  • Educate employers and consumers on the meaning and usefulness of quality data,
  • Collect and report information that local stakeholders need and
  • Improve the healthcare in the community by raising specific quality concerns.

SCBCH partners with the Leapfrog Group to produce this annual report. The Leapfrog Group works with over 50 leading medical experts to identify solutions that will improve hospital quality and safety and then gather this information from hospitals around the country. The Leapfrog Hospital Quality and Safety Survey asks hospitals to report on the steps they take to improve the quality of patient care.

SCale Down is featured as an example of a statewide effort to improve health outcomes in South Carolina.

Click here to view the SCBCH_2015 Hospital Quality Guide.

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