Community Health Advisor Updated with New Look and Features

The Community Health Advisor has been updated with a new look and features. A program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Community Health Advisor allows users to identify policies and programs that may have the biggest effect on health and medical costs where they live. The user selects a location, health topic and a policy or program to create detailed, customized results in seconds.

The new and improved site makes calculating the health and cost impact of policies and programs easier and more intuitive by adding more information to help you use the site, more useful details to help make the case for adopting programs and new ways to review results. Specific examples include:

  • The design is more streamlined. Question marks show where you can click to get answers to your questions.
  • The updated Advisor allows users to switch from calculating results per 100,000 people to results based on the full population of their county or state.
  • The orange “instructions” button can guide users through how to use the site, and the question mark opens up helpful information on a variety of topics.
  • Results may be shown on a map that allows users to see the relative impact compared with other places.

Click here to visit the Community Health Advisor.

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