CDC releases new Vital Signs Report for adults with disabilities

The Centers for Disease Control released a new Vital Signs report titled Adults with Disabilities: Physical Activity Is for Everybody.  This report brings light to the fact that only half of adults with disabilities are getting enough physical activity.  Additionally, adults with disabilities are three times more likely to have heart disease, stroke, diabetes or cancer than adults without disabilities.  When physical activity is recommended by a doctor, an adult with disabilities is 82% more likely to be physically active, however only 44% of those who visited a doctor in the past year were told by their doctor to get physical activity.

Adults with disabilities face barriers to physical activity such as knowing about and getting to programs, places and spaces where they can be physically active.  Adults with disabilities often lack the social support they need for physical activity and have trouble finding fitness and health professionals who can tailor routines to a person’s specific abilities.

In order to help adults with disabilities incorporate physical activity into their lives, the Vital Signs report includes an infographic for health professionals to use.  The infographic includes the following steps:

  1. Know the Physical Activity Guidelines
  2. Ask about physical activity
  3. Discuss barriers to physical activity
  4. Recommend physical activity options
  5. Refer patient to resources and programs

Click here to access the report: Adults with Disabilities: Physical Activity is for Everybody.

Click here to access the fact sheet.


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