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Laying the Groundwork for a State-Wide HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy for Youth

Laying the Groundwork for a State-wide HIV/ AIDS Prevention Strategy for Youth outlines the process, findings, and key recommendations from the project.


Fact and Fiction: Finding the Truth in the Affordable Care Act and its Impact

Helping a Generation at Risk: From Sickness to Wellness through Health Reform by Jeffrey Levi, PhD, from Greenville Forward and South Carolina Public Health Institute.


An Overview of Health Reform

This policy brief takes a look at the Affordable Care Act (Health Reform) in the United States and specifically looks at a comparison for the state of South Carolina.


A Glimpse of Health Reform: Coverage, Prevention, and Cost

Health Reform (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) aims to expand public and private insurance coverage, improve the health care delivery system, and increase access to preventive services in the United States. Download: “A Glimpse of Health Care Reform.”


Update on Sources of Data on the Uninsured in South Carolina

The following Data Brief provides an update with statistics and maps depicting rates of uninsurance by county and Congressional District within South Carolina as well as data ranking each state in the country.


A Report on the Uninsured and Underinsured in South Carolina

To most effectively apply national health care reform on a state level and develop state policies and programs to enhance access to care and reverse the trend of diminishing rates of insured South Carolinians, detailed information on our uninsured and underinsured populations is needed.

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