Behavioral Health & the Workforce – Challenges & Strategies

U.S. News & World Report recently published a series of blog post by Dr. Lloyd Sederer exploring the mental health workforce crisis in the United States.  In the first post, he explores the increased demand for mental health professionals.

Read it here: “Where Have All the Psychiatrists Gone? Doctors are struggling to meet the growing demand for psychiatric help across the U.S.

The second post explores numerous strategies to increase the number of professionals and efficiency in delivery care to rural areas.

Read it here: “Shoring Up Psychiatry’s Supply: How the U.S. can combat its mental health care workforce shortage.”

The third and final post explores the social determinants of health and health literacy, and their role in solution to the crisis.

Read it here: “Shrink Demand on Psychiatrists: How public intervention and collaborative health care can unburden psychiatry’s waning workforce.”

IMPH’s Behavioral Health Taskforce identified the need for more behavioral health professionals of all kinds to support the current and future systems of behavioral health services in our state. A recommendation was made to develop a Workforce Consortium that will develop specific strategies to attract and retain more behavioral health professionals to our state. Additional information may be found in the taskforce report Hope for Tomorrow: The Collective Approach for Transforming South Carolina’s Behavioral Health Systems.”


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