Kester S. Freeman, Jr.

Executive Director
As Executive Director of the SC Institute of Medicine and Public Health, Mr. Freeman provides vision and strategic direction. He brings to this role extensive career experience in health care leadership combined with a solid understanding of the broad determinants of health. Mr. Freeman’s active engagement with leaders across South Carolina will ensure a consistent focus on health issues among the decision makers of our state.

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Maya H. Pack, MS, MPA

Ms. Pack has a diverse background that includes working in strategic planning in the hospital setting, consulting for various non-profit and health care organizations and developing programs and informing policies to improve the quality of health care provided in South Carolina.

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Megan A. Weis, DrPH, MPH, MCHES

Dr. Weis brings communications expertise and significant experience in planning, implementation and evaluation of public health initiatives and surveillance programs to IMPH. Her varied experience ranges from serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer; implementing and managing surveillance systems; and report writing, grant writing, strategic planning, organization and coalition development, management of multi-stakeholder workgroups and evaluation and communication in a variety of settings.

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Samuel (Sam) T. Waldrep, MA, LMSW

Senior Advisor
Mr. Waldrep has extensive experience working with South Carolina’s aging and disability services, including over 30 years with South Carolina’s Medicaid program. In his role as Senior Advisor, Mr. Waldrep provides expertise and guidance for the Institute’s work on long-term care issues.

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Shaena L. Rouse, MPH

Program Manager
Ms. Rouse has five years of experience in the field of public health, obesity prevention and partnership development. In planning, implementing and evaluating public health programs and initiatives, she has built relationships with diverse partners across the state. In her role as program manager, Ms. Rouse will oversee the ongoing development, implementation and coordination of the South Carolina Obesity Action Plan through the SCale Down Initiative.

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Katherine (Kitty) B. Weiland, MBA

Business Manager
Ms. Weiland has a broad business background in the private sector, working in strategic market development, communications and budget management. Through her work with non-profits, she has unique insight into the strategic planning process and enjoys working with board members and key partners in a collaborative spirit to achieve board-directed goals. In her role as Business Manager, Ms. Weiland will manage the budget and financial reporting for the Institute, as well as the contractual services and human resources.

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Katie E. Zenger, MPH

Project Manager
Katie Zenger brings over six years of professional experience managing and evaluating public health interventions and grant programs to IMPH. Her expertise lies primarily in public health program development, research and evaluation, as well as nonprofit leadership. She is also a skilled facilitator, strategic planner and grant-writer. As Project Manager for IMPH, she will lead and coordinate a collective process to foster the development of recommendations for state policymakers and other stakeholders regarding the future of the health care workforce for South Carolina.

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